Cheng Feng Chih Hui CO.,LTD. is located in Taiwan£¬whilch was founded in 1988 , In the initial stage , The company was mainly to develop the rubber film in which is specially for vsing in the coating of cubic - curved surface and open the new veins ; in the meantime , We successfully put the transfer - printing on all kind of products which is made of different material in irregular curved surface . After 5 Years fruitfal efforts , In 1993 , Cheng Feng Chih Hui was developed be a group , whilch is one of several standard company product water transfer - printing film in China , We have rich human and material resources , have abundant funds , have Advance technique . our related - company including . CHENG FENG CHIH HUI CO.,LTD in Taiwan ; CHENG FENG YONG SHENG PLASTIC & METAL CO.,LTD in China ; DU WEI ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD ; VIS PORTS INDVSTRIES CO.,LTD; CHENG FENG ZHU ZHAO CO.,LTD .
£ £ CHENG FENG CHIH HUI CO.,LTD have satisfied service , Made the veins varied and be series , since We insisted on the principle of " Quality first " , "Service priority " , " Keepiny operation" . And for this reason , CHENG FENG CHIH HUI achieved custom's approve who from all direction in the world .
£ £ In the worlds of globalization , " CHENG FENG CHIH HUI " export the equipment and the material . We have more than 100 manufacturers throughout the world who accept our service of techique - transter . We have extensive cooperation with some famous company in the world .
£  CHENG FENG CHI HUI will welcome you forever with the idea of " The next engineering will be a castomer " We give you " The best quality " and " Satisfied service " in line with the spirit fsinlerity , liability , creation , efficiency and profit .

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